Marco Goecke workshop at

Context Festival for contemporary dance / Diana Vishneva in Moscow, 10.10., and

St. Petersburg, 12./13.10.2019.

The workshop about the artistic style of Marco Goecke will provide an opportunity to get a taste of the unique aesthetic of his choreographic language. The students will be taught some sequences from the dance piece Blushing, which Goecke created for the dancers of the Stuttgart Ballet in 2003. On the basis of this material they will gain an understanding of the physical demands of Goeckes' work and the challenges it offers the dancers. Special attention will be given to Goeckes' choreographic signature. Specifically, moving at extreme speed while remaining solidly grounded and achieving sharp dry movement quality. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to apply various dynamics to the different phrases as well as experiencing how different kinds of music influence it‘s effects. Finally we combine all that has been learned, assembling an abridged, or 'mini' version of Blushing. Ultimately to realise the need for a collective spirit which can, at a first glance appear in contrast to the primarily solistic structure of Goeckes' work.


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© Context. Diana Vishneva / © photos: Turavtsov Denis